Billy Shaw (Sunday)- NFL Hall of Fame, AFL All-Time Team, and Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame 

Menu: $20 Any Item- Free "HOF"-

$10 Inscr.- $20 Photo Opp. 


John Davis (Sunday)- Former Buffalo Bills Offensive Guard

Menu: $15 any item

Steve Grogan (Saturday)- New England Patriots Quarterback 1975-1990

Menu: $20 Any Item- $10 Inscr.- $20 Photo Opp.


Emmitt Smith- (Sunday) 3x Super Bowl Champion with the Dallas Cowboys. NFL Hall of Fame

Menu:$200 Flats/Minis- $250 Helmets/Jerseys/Equipment- $150 Inscr. - $200 Photo Opp.  "All  Emmitt Smith Ticket  Prices Include Complimentary PROVA Authentification"

Ken Anderson (Saturday)- Former Cincinnati  Bengals Quarterback 1971-1986

​1981 NFL MVP and 4x Pro Bowl

Menu: $30 Any Item- $10 Inscr.- $30 Photo Opp.

Jack McDowell (Saturday)- MLB Pitcher 1987-1999.

CY Young Award Winner 1993

Menu: $20 Any Item-$10 Inscr.- $20 Photo Opp.

Marv Levy (Sunday)-Former Buffalo Bills Coach

4x AFC  Champions. NFL Hall of Fame

Menu: $30 Any Item- Free "HOF "- $15 Inscr.-

$30 Photo Opp.

Matt Barnaby- Former Buffalo Sabres Player

Free with Paid Admission-$15 Additional Autographs

LeSean McCoy (Saturday)- Current Buffalo Bills Runningback and 6x Pro Bowl

Pricing: TBA

Ron Guidry (Saturday)- Former New York Yankees pitcher known as "Louisiana Lightning". He was the 1978 Cy Young Award Winner and member of the 1977 and 1978 World Series Champion New York Yankees.

Menu: $40 Flats/Balls-$60 Bats/Jerseys/Equipment-$15 Inscr.-

$50 "Louisiana Lightning"​​

Kelvin Benjamin (Saturday)- Current Buffalo Bills WR

Pricing: TBA 

Bruce Smith (Sunday)- NFL Hall of Fame- 11x Pro Bowl. Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame

Menu: $70 Flats up to 11x14/Minis- $80 16x20 and larger- $110 Jersey/Football/Full Size Helmet/Equipment- $20 Inscr. (3 Word Max)- $70 Photo Opp.

Darryl Talley (Sunday)- 2x Pro Bowl and 2x All Pro

Menu: $25 Any Item- $10 Inscr.- $25 Photo Opp.

*Show Times​: Saturday October 27- 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Sunday October 28- 10 am-3 pm

​*Daily Show Admission is $8.00 (kids 12  and under are admitted free). and can only be purchased the day of the event. 

*Paid attendees ages 18 and older will receive (1) voucher good for a $7.00 casino free play. 

*Each PAID admission receives (1) ticket for our designated Free daily autograph guest.

*Saturday's Designated Free Autograph Guest- Matt Barnaby-Former Buffalo Sabres

*Sunday's Designated Free Autograph Guest- Kurt Schulz- Former Buffalo Bills Safety

*Tickets for autographs guests are only available for purchase at the show. For prices and signing times, please select "Upcoming Events" at the top of the page.

* Can't make it to the show? Mail order submissions are being accepted. For more information regarding our mail order process, please select "Mail Order" at the top of the page. 

*Professional Photo Opp. ​​provided by Campbell Signature Photography

Andy Van Slyke- Former MLB Outfielder, 3x All Star, 5x Gold Glove Ward, and 2x Silver Slugger Award

Menu: $25 Any Item-$10 Inscr.

Pat LaFontaine (Saturday)- 3rd Overall pick in the 1983 NHL Draft. 2003 Hockey Hall of Fame. Played for the Buffalo Sabres, New York Islanders, and New York Rangers. 

​Menu: $35 Flats/Pucks- $55 Jerseys/Sticks/Equipment- $10 Inscr.

Antowain Smith (Sunday) - Former NFL RB.

​2X Super Bowl Champions with the

New England Patriots

Menu: $20 Any Item- $10 Inscr.- $20 Photo Opp.

Dwier Brown (Saturday and Sunday) 

Actor. Played John Kinsella in Field of Dreams

Menu: $25 Any Item- $25 Photo Opp.-

1 Free  Inscr. (5 Words Max)- $10 Each Add. Inscr.

​Dwier Brown will have a booth set up  with merchandise for sale.  Tickets can be purchased directly from Dwier Brown.

Mark Clayton and Mark Duper (Saturday)- Mark Duper 3x Pro Bowl and Miami Dolphins Honor Roll. Mark Clayton 5x Pro Bowl and Miami Dolphin Honor Roll

​Menu: Mark Duper- $25 Any Item- $10 Inscr.- $

25 Photo Opp.

Menu: Mark Clayton- $35 Any Item- $15 Inscr.-

$35 Photo Opp.  

Kurt Schulz (Sunday)- Former Buffalo Bills Safety

Free Guest- $10 Each Add. Signature- $20 Photo Opp.  

​Andre Reed (Sunday)- NFL Hall of Fame, 7x Pro Bowl, and Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame

Menu: $40 Any Item, Free- "HOF", $15 Additional Inscrp.